Winter is not always kind on your lawn and garden, so it’s important that you prepare your turf for the warmer months with a little bit of lawn care. There are some simple lawn maintenance jobs that you can start planning in winter, that will give your lawn the best chance of thriving in spring and summer.


Don’t let weeds flourish in the warmer months. Now is the perfect time to treat or dig out weeds before they take hold and destroy the lawn underneath. Choose an organic weed spray to target those pesky weeds or, if you have the time, hand weed your lawn. Use a hoe or fork to make hand weeding that little be easier, and don’t forget to dispose of seed heads, as they can still sprout in compost, if the temperature is right.


Have you ever noticed your lawn looking patchy and dry after a mow? It’s likely that your lawn requires dethatching to remove dead grass leaves, stolons and rhizomes. Whether you haven’t been maintaining or mowing your lawn — and there’s uneven water penetration — your lawn is probably looking less than inviting.

To rectify this, cut the lawn as low as possible (this is called scalping) with a catcher and remove all the grass clippings. You can then dethatch your lawn with a dethatching rake, to enable a more effective surface for fertilising and watering. It’s best to scalp and dethatch your grass in spring. You’ll also have to be patient while your lawn takes a few weeks to show improvement after thatching.


If you’d like to fill spots in the lawn, overseeding is the solution. After a mow, when your lawn is dry, rake the lawn to break up any dead grass or thatch (if you haven’t dethatched your lawn, that is). To encourage drainage and root growth in compacted soil, use a spike to break up the compacted ground. Seed with the same seed type as your existing lawn, using a spreader or hand seeding method. It’s then time to nourish your seeds with your preferred starter fertiliser, to encourage the quick and healthy growth of lawn seeds.


Giving your lawn a good old mow is the key to maintaining a beautiful patch of grass. For regular mows, it’s ideal to cut at the right height — not too low, or it will encourage weed seeds to germinate. Make sure mower blades are sharpened so you can achieve the best results every time. You should avoid following the same pattern each time you mow, as this can result in compacted soil. Aim for a mow every week, so your lawn can look it’s very best.

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