With COVID-19 restrictions lifting, businesses across the country are taking the slow steps towards life-as-we-used-to-know-it. And while it’s a much-needed shot in the arm for the economy, it’s also a crucial time for business owners to start scheduling professional cleaners. By employing COVID cleaning services, businesses not only give themselves a greater chance of operating safely — they increase the likelihood that they shall remain open throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Keeping your team and your customers safe is the responsibility of every employer, so how do you make sure that your workplace is COVID clean?

Whether you require a daily clean or a scheduled clean, a specialised clean for high touch surfaces is essential for any enterprise — whether they welcome customers or not.

Unlike a full clean, a COVID clean focuses on high touch areas including doors, keyboards, mouses, light switches, taps, toilets and more. This focused clean reduces the risk of coronavirus transmission by sanitising these high touch points with hospital grade disinfectant via specific cleaning measures.

Not only does this type of cleaning solution minimise the chance of virus transmission within the premises, it also helps create a cleaner, more sanitary environment — so people feel more comfortable visiting or returning to that business.

Whether you are starting to move remote employees back to offices, or you’re a retailer who is welcoming back customers, ensuring quality cleaning procedures will help you create greater peace-of-mind for staff and customers alike.

To ensure our cleans reduce the spread of viruses and the potential for community transmission, Active Cleaning Services has implemented several new measures:

  • Our experienced team are required to weargloves during their cleaningservice, and use hospitalgrade disinfectant to wipe down surfaces.

  • We utilise a colour code system for ourrags, to make sure there is no risk of cross-contamination acrossdifferent areas of the business.

  • We never re-use our rags for the next job;instead our rags are brought back to our premises and are treated inhospital grade disinfectant before being thoroughly dried.

  • Our cleaning professionals have allundergone extensive training, so you can be sure all the essentialmeasures are being taken.

With our cost-effective COVIDcleaning services, we’re dedicated to making sure offices, retail spaces and worksites across Newcastle, Maitland and the Hunter Region are safer, more hygienic places to work, shop and visit. If you have any questions
about commercial, office, industrial or accommodation cleaning throughout COVID and beyond, get in touch with our helpful team at Active Cleaning Service by calling (02) 4932 8199.